Andrew Clifton

(816) 269-1597

Andrew has served in a variety of roles with the Legends Soccer Club and HappyFeet Legends International most recently focused on youth development and education. Andrew began his Legends career as a player in 1989 before heading off to Springfield, Missouri to play NCAA Division 1 soccer. Prior to rejoining the Legends as a coach and director Andrew served as a high school teacher and coach.

Andrew has coached the entire gamut under the Kansas City Legends umbrella, from ages 2 to 18 and both elite level and recreational. Andrew has a gift for motivating players and is passionate about helping players gain great self-belief. At present Andrew serves as the Director of Youth Development and Education for our network. Andrew is responsible for creating and carrying out training and education for Legends partners across the world. Andrew has coached Legends programming in China, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Peru, Ecuador and the United States.